Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Services in SF Bay area

Let us ask you something: how much of this scenario sounds like your life?

You get home from work, late. You rush to cook dinner before you head off to some work/friend/kid commitment you promised you wouldn’t miss. You get home and you’re exhausted. You know you haven’t cleaned the house in weeks, but you just can’t do it tonight. You go to bed instead, feeling a little guilty about not getting to the cleaning again.

Wake up and repeat. With a few small changes here and there, but the cleaning remains unfinished.

Don’t worry – there’s no judgement here. We know life is hectic, but we have a solution for you: hire a professional to deep clean your home so that you can relax in a safe and sanitary environment. Without feeling guilty about going to bed.

Convenient Deep Cleaning Services for Busy Lives

If you’re finding that you just can’t fit cleaning into your overly busy schedule, you’re not alone. These days, we have so many commitments that it has become nearly impossible to stay on top of it all. Priorities like family, careers, school, and friends take work to maintain, so you have other things to spend your time on besides cleaning.

At Modern Cleaners, we understand that, and we want to help make this part of your life a lot easier. With our SF Bay area cleaning services, you’ll be able to focus on the things that are important in your life without having to worry about whether you home is sanitary.

From booking your cleaning right through to the end of the appointment, we’ve made the process as streamlined as possible for your convenience. You can book your services any time online, and then sit back and wait for us to arrive. Our capable crew will show up on your chosen date with cleaning supplies and equipment in hand, so you don’t even have to worry about getting the cleaning materials. And with our cashless payment system, you won’t have to worry about that either! Your card will be charged after your cleaning services have been completed.

So you can get right back to your busy life. We’ll take the cleaning from here

Why Your Home Needs a Deep Clean

If you’ve let the cleaning chores pile up for a while, you’re probably going to need a more thorough clean to get your home sparkling again. Routine cleanings keep things clean on the surface, but a deep clean is what you need when you want to get into the nooks and crannies of your home and really make sure that the dirt and grime is lifted and removed.

It’s important to perform a deep clean every once in a while because dust, dirt, and grime can pile up in overlooked or neglected areas of your home. This affects the air that you breathe and allows germs and bacteria to spread more easily. If left unaddressed, this can cause health problems, especially if you or anyone in your family already suffer from respiratory problems such as allergies or asthma.

With our Deep Clean service, we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. We schedule extra time so that our cleaners can pay more attention to the overlooked and neglected areas that need some extra elbow-grease. They’ll tackle things like light switches, baseboards, and other tasks that aren’t included in most standard cleaning checklists.

In order to get your home back in top shape, we recommend a deep clean to anyone who hasn’t had their home professionally cleaned in the last three months. If you choose to book recurring services, only your first visit will need to be a deep clean because it will take much less time to maintain your clean home once our maids have done the heavy-duty work.

What Our Deep Cleaning Includes:




Top-Rated Cleaning Professionals in SF Bay area

We believe that satisfying our customers is the most important part of our business. After all, if you’re not happy with your cleaning, then what was the point?

To help us wow our customers with every single service, we use a cleaning checklist to make sure nothing is overlooked. Plus, it allows us to provide upfront prices based on the size of your home instead of how long our cleaners take, so you don’t have to worry about any costly surprises. But just in case there ever is an issue, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You can refer us to a friends & family, just make sure their within our service area. You can also buy them a cleaning service gift card. 

We also take the safety and privacy of our customers very seriously. We are insured and bonded, for your protection, and we conduct a background check and in-person interview before hiring any of our cleaners. With Modern Cleaners, you can feel confident that your home is in good hands.

Ready to stop feeling guilty that you haven’t cleaned and start enjoying a glistening home? Then book our deep cleaning services today!