Event Cleaning

After-Event Cleaning in SF BAY AREA

If you have a large event coming up, such as a holiday party, a housewarming, or even a more formal event like a wedding or a charity fundraiser, you’re probably both excited and stressed out. There’s so much work involved with planning events, but the pay-off is worth it when you see that your efforts have resulted in a successful and enjoyable evening.

Directly after an event, you’re likely to be feeling pretty cheerful. Who doesn’t enjoy a great get-together? You should feel proud of all your hard work, and you should get to enjoy that feeling of accomplishment. But after that feeling wears off you’re in for a shock, because let’s face it: cleaning up after an event is a major downer. After a fun evening with friends, cleaning is the last thing you want to do.

So let Modern Cleaners professional SF Bay area cleaning services take care of it for you. Whether your event is small or large, we’re happy to step in for the heavy-duty cleaning required afterwards so that you can just relax and keep your spirits high. Our capable cleaners will handle your after-event cleaning efficiently and to the highest standard.

Save Yourself the Hassle of Cleaning Up After Your Event

No matter how well you plan for them, events are messy. People who are together and having a great time can be forgetful and even clumsy, but even barring any unfortunate accidents, simply having multiple people in the same space brings a host of dirt and germs along with them.

The type of cleaning that is required after an event is a thorough, heavy duty cleaning, with emphasis on areas that guests may have spilled food or drinks, areas that everyone would have touched, such as door handles and light switches, and bathrooms and toilets that will have been used by many people throughout the event. That type of cleaning is hard work. And after all the work you put into planning and hosting the event, you probably don’t have much left in you.

If your event was held in a professional venue, then you have even more stress to deal with. Since the venue needs to be ready for its next customers, you’ll have strict deadlines to meet and extremely high cleaning standards to match. In some cases, not meeting these deadlines or high standards can cost you your deposit or incur additional fees.

Instead of taking your chances and trying to do everything yourself, why not leave the cleaning to the professionals? At Modern Cleaners, we know how hard you worked to make your event successful, so we want to take that next step off your hands. Our crew is experienced, background-checked, and insured, so you can feel safe bringing us into any space, whether it is an event venue or your own home.

We’ve made our booking process as convenient as we possibly can, so you can book your cleaning any time. We offer flexible appointment times to fit around your event needs, and you can book using your computer or your smart phone. Just a few clicks on our online booking form and your after-event cleaning services will be set.

What Our After-Event Modern Cleaners Includes

We know how much hard work needs to be done after an event, and our professional cleaners will show up with the equipment and supplies needed to handle it all. They’ll waste no time in getting straight to the task with our after-event cleaning checklist, which was designed specifically to clean up after large gatherings.

Among other things, our maids will vacuum and mop floors, taking care of any spills or stains, scrub and disinfect sinks and toilets, clean all tables, bars, and countertops, and dispose of trash and recycling. They’ll also remove any temporary decorations and scour the area for misplaced or left behind items such as plates and cups, which can turn up in unexpected places after a fun evening.

And since they check off items on the list as they go, you can be sure that nothing will go overlooked and you’ll receive the highest quality clean possible.

Choose a Cleaning Company that You Can Rely On

After your event, you don’t have time to waste getting things back in order, especially if your venue needs to be ready for other things. We take your time seriously, so we’ll never cancel, and we’ll always arrive on time. Just ask our other customers!

We’ve been serving SF Bay area for years, and we’re proud to say that our customers love us. Modern Cleaners feedback and reviews are glowing because we take the customer experience and their feedback very seriously. You can see this with our 100% Money Back Guarantee – just let us know if something isn’t up to your standard and we’ll redo it, free of charge.

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