Office Cleaning

Spend Your Time Growing Your Business - Not Cleaning It

When you’re working to grow your business, it’s important to remember that little details matter, like the appearance and hygiene of your office. These small details can make or break first impressions – customers and potential employees will want to see a clean and safe office space so that they know they’re working with a capable professional who values both the business and the health of their clients.

But as an owner or manager, you simply don’t have the time to worry about cleaning an office, and your employees’ time is better spent doing their jobs instead of wiping down tables.

Here at SF Bay area, we get it. You have enough to worry about without the added stress of cleaning your office, so we offer professional office cleaning services that you can rely on to keep your workspace sparkling from top to bottom.

Your Business Deserves the Best Office Cleaning Services In SF Bay area

Offices and commercial spaces have a constant stream of people coming and going, leaving germs and bacteria on common surfaces like desktops and door handles. If not cleaned properly, these frequently touched spots can become problem areas, spreading illnesses to all who come in contact with them.

To help keep your office from becoming a super-spreader, it’s important to establish a regular cleaning routine which addresses every hotspot in the space. You could try to clean the office yourself or require your employees to pitch in, but that’s most likely a waste of both your time and resources. You need your employees to be focused on their jobs, not tired and distracted from staying late or arriving early to clean.

Our recurring office cleaning services are a perfect solution so that you can have the cleaning taken of you and your employees’ shoulders, and you don’t even have to waste time booking a new service each week. With a number of packages designed to suit every business, we’ll work around your busy schedule to ensure your space receives the regular attention it needs. Let us keep on top of your office’s cleaning chores so you don’t have to.

What You Can Expect from an Modern Cleaners Service

We know you expect nothing less than the best when it comes to the cleanliness of your SF Bay area business, so we promise to provide exceptional cleaning services week after week.

One of the ways we achieve this is by using our cleaning checklist which is designed specifically with businesses in mind. Including frequently touched areas such as door handles, table tops, and light switches, the checklist covers everything needed to make sure your office is safe and clean. As our professional cleaners work their way through your office, they’ll tick off each item as they go, ensuring that nothing goes overlooked or forgotten.

During your first appointment, our dedicated and professional teams will look over your space and develop a strategy to get through it quickly and efficiently. From then on, we’ll use that strategy to cover every working area of your office, including but certainly not limited to lobbies, reception, board rooms, cubicles, break rooms or kitchen spaces, and bathrooms.

We also bring our own equipment and supplies so that we always have the right tools to get the job done. No need to buy any products or store anything at the office – we’ll handle it all. 

Check out our about us page for a bit more information on what we have to offer.

Trustworthy Office Cleaners You Can Rely On

As a family-owned and operated company, we understand the importance of working with people that you can trust, so in case you’re a little worried about bringing strangers into your workplace to clean – don’t be. We select only the best English-speaking applicants through our rigorous vetting and in-person interviewing process. All of our employees have passed nationwide identity checks, so you know your business is in good hands.

To make sure that both our cleaners and your employees are protected, we are also insured and bonded, meaning that if anything happens while we’re cleaning which results in damage or injury, it will be taken care of. So you can focus on your to-do list instead of worrying about …

We also know that your most important possession is your time, so we will never, ever waste it. Our teams will always be on time and ready to go, and we will never cancel at the last minute, unlike other cleaning companies. You’ve got work to do and customers to please, so we take our part in helping your business through our cleaning very seriously.

We are so sure you’ll see amazing results from our routine office cleaning services that we actually offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, meaning if you’re ever unhappy with our cleaning, we’ll redo it. Free of charge. 

Do you have any friends that might need a cleaning service? If they live within our service area tell them about us and some of our services that they might be interested in. 

SF Bay area Top Janitorial Cleaning Specialists

At SF Bay area, our attention to detail and commitment to our customers has allowed us to build a strong reputation as SF Bay area go-to office cleaning professionals. From small, local businesses to large corporations, we’ve been honored to provide cleaning services to many different companies, and our feedback and reviews speak for themselves.

We pride ourselves on offering clear, up-front pricing and packages which can be customized to suit any business, because we know not everyone has the same needs. You can easily select a package that works for your office, choose additional services, and see what your cleaning will cost ahead of time by using our online booking form to schedule your cleaning appointment. You can even book from your phone if you need to!

And if you book recurring services with us, you’ll receive a discount of between 10%-20% off each visit after the first, so you’ll be able to have superior cleaning services without hurting your bottom line. With weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options, you can choose the frequency that works best for you, your employees, and your customers.

If you want to take it to the next level our cleaning company in SF Bay area can also take care of your residential cleaning needs. Talk about delegating effectively.

If you’re ready to show that the health and safety of your employees and your customers is important to you, then book our Modern Cleaners Office Cleaning Services today!