How Do Our Services Work?

Knowing our pricing models, what cleaning services we offer, and what’s included in each of them is the key to choosing the right service for your home. This will help you avoid any surprises with your bill or a requote.

Residential Cleaning

Modern Cleaners primarily offers residential cleaning services to those in SF Bay area and the surrounding areas. Our standard cleaning services are designed to maintain your home week after week, with the option of adding additional services when more attention is needed. These services include everything needed to keep your home sanitary and healthy.


Got an Office?

In addition to our residential cleaning services, we also offer small business office cleaning services. Using the same cleaning checklist we would use in a home, we vacuum, mop, dust, and wipe down all desks as well as sanitize the bathrooms. If your office needs a cleaner, we’ll happily provide a quote.

Our Two Pricing Models: Flat Rate Cleaning Packages Vs. Hourly Service

We offer two different models of pricing, each intended to fit different cleaning needs. Understanding each of these pricing models is the first step in selecting your services.

Flat Rate Cleaning Packages

Modern Cleaners flat rate cleaning packages are a set price based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the house. These packages assume your home is of a standard size and cleanliness, and tasks are limited to a checklist designed for your chosen service. 

Though it is rare, your home may need a requote if it is much larger than a standard home with the same number of rooms or if the expected level of cleanliness is not met (e.g., if your home is occupied by hoarders or if it has not been properly cleaned in some time). 

These packages are your best option if you have a standard sized home that has been cleaned regularly and you prefer to know the price upfront. You should look over the cleaning checklist to be sure that it provides everything your home requires.


Hourly Cleaning Services

We also offer cleaning services which are paid by the hour. These services are not limited to any cleaning checklist and do not assume any size or existing level of cleanliness. 

You choose the number of hours you need (minimum of two) and once our cleaners have reached that time limit, they will not continue unless you choose to purchase additional time. 

This option is more flexible, allowing customers the option of cleaning only certain rooms or requesting specific tasks which are not on our checklists. Hourly services will be your best option if your home is in severe condition, requires tasks that are not covered by our checklists, or only needs specific areas to be cleaned.

Residential Flat Rate Cleaning Packages Broken Down

When choosing a flat rate cleaning package, it’s important to know what each service offers as well as what is required. Selecting the wrong service may incur additional fees or a requote.
This service is designed to keep your home clean with regular maintenance. It includes all items on our standard checklist and assumes that your home has been cleaned recently. Select this if your home only needs basic upkeep.
This service is designed to bring your home up to the standard of cleanliness needed for ongoing maintenance includes cleaning inside the fridge, oven, and cabinets as well as cleaning the windows and scrubbing tubs and showers. Select this if your home has not been professionally cleaned in the last 3 months or needs extra care and attention.
This service is intended for homes that are in severe condition and require extra time and attention. This could be due to excessive clutter, animal hair, or post-construction debris.

This service is designed for people who are moving and whose homes will be completely free of boxes and furniture. It includes our deep cleaning tasks as well as the inside of drawers.


You may add the following extras to any of our flat rate packages for an additional cost. Please select these on the booking page before you complete your booking.

If the situation warrants, specific add-ons may be required in some cases, such as in the case of pets or an extra room.

Frequency Discounts on Flat Rate Cleaning Packages

Booking recurring services with Modern Cleaners will receive a discount depending on the chosen frequency. This discount will be applied to every service after your first.